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Curriculum vitae         7/2018


Bio: Dr. Lu Zhang is The John W. Galbreath Chair, Professor of Finance, at Fisher College of Business, The Ohio State University, as well as Research Associate at National Bureau of Economic Research (Asset Pricing program) and Associate Editor for Journal of Financial Economics and Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis. He is Founding President of Macro Finance Society, an international academic society devoted to advancing and disseminating high-quality research at the intersection of financial economics and macroeconomics. Before joining Ohio State in 2010, he taught at Stephen M. Ross School of Business at University of Michigan and William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration at University of Rochester. Dr. Zhang’s research focuses on asset pricing, in connection with macroeconomics, corporate finance, labor economics, and capital markets research in accounting. His major contribution is “The investment CAPM,” which provides a unified conceptual framework for understanding asset pricing anomalies. As its empirical implementation, the q-factor model is a leading workhorse factor model in both academia and industry. His recent work on Endogenous disasters” also shows how labor market frictions give rise endogenously to economic disasters. Dr. Zhang has published extensively at prestigious academic journals. One chapter of his doctoral thesis "The value premium" won the Smith-Breeden Award for Best Paper for 2005 from American Finance Association and Journal of Finance. His academic research has been frequently featured in prominent media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Shanghai Financial News, and The Economist.

Recent publications include: “The CAPM strikes back? An equilibrium model with disasters” (with Bai, Hou, Kung, and Li), Journal of Financial Economics, 2019; “Endogenous disasters” (with Petrosky-Nadeau and Kuehn), American Economic Review, 2018; “The investment CAPM,” European Financial Management, 2017; “Digesting anomalies: An investment approach” (with Hou and Xue), Review of Financial Studies, 2015; “A neoclassical interpretation of momentum” (with Liu), Journal of Monetary Economics, 2014; “A supply approach to valuation” (with Belo and Xue), Review of Financial Studies, 2013; “The investment manifesto” (with Lin), Journal of Monetary Economics, 2013.

Dr. Zhang has extensive teaching interests and experience at the undergraduate, M.B.A., and Ph.D. levels. He has taught a variety of courses including Investment Management, Derivative Securities, Capital Markets and Investment Strategy, Corporate Finance, Empirical Methodology in Finance, Theory of Finance, and Advanced Asset Pricing. In 2015, he was voted the Outstanding Working Professional MBA Elective Faculty Award recipient at Fisher College of Business, The Ohio State University.

Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, B.A. in Economics, 1993, University High Honors. The Graduate School of the People’s Bank of China (renamed PBC School of Finance, Tsinghua University), M.S. in Finance, 1996. Washington University in St. Louis, M.A. in Economics, 1997. The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, M.A. in Finance, 2000, Ph.D. in Finance, 2002.